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for TradeLand Technologies and all related brands such as WhiteRavenFX, NexiTrade and TradeUnity.

As a participant of the platform TradeLand, operating under the name, hereinafter all referred to as " TradeLand ", I declare to engage and commit myself to read, respect and comply with the TradeLand Code of Conduct.

I understand and agree that failure to comply with these rules can and will be associated with a penalty in ascending gradations which are all listed in this document.

TradeLand requires from anyone who is a customer of the platform, and more from anyone who wishes to be commissioned by TradeLand for retailing it’s software or any other third party software distributed on the TradeLand Platform, that they know and apply this Code.

For all those who participate in this platform for renting the trading software, and even more so for those who are introducing or suggesting TradeLand software to others, there are five core values:

Reliable: We stand for the highest quality of our services, and for the integrity of our actions. Anyone who also wishes to act as representative/coach, will first pass an education / training and evaluation process to go through a final judgment at the end of the selection. This decision is final and binding.

Open: We are transparant about who we are, what we stand for and what we do. No other results than our own are displayed.

Honest: We are 100% honest in explanations and presentations. We are always open and honest about the high level of risks associated with participating in forex trading. We make it clear that participation may only be done if you have sufficient investing experience and knowledge, a thorough understanding of the risks involved and that you are dealing with money that you can afford to lose. We do not make false promises and do not make false representations of possible returns generated by our trading software or the trading software of third parties distributed by TradeLand. We do not give trading advice, commitments or guarantees on returns.

Privacy: The results shown remain at all times within our own member and customer base and are never sent to interested parties, or third parties. They are, in principle, never sent to fellow members unless otherwise expressly agreed and accepted. Results are only displayed but never given to others.

Respect and Integrity: We always serve the interests of potential new prospects and other coparticipants. We always act with discretion and ensure each participant that his data will not be shared with anyone else. Any decision to participate must also be done in full peace of mind and full knowledge, voluntarily and in full respect of the risk that one has. One may never influence or enjoin an interested participant or anyone else the use of a higher initial deposit than necessary. An investment must fit within the investment capital capabilities that one has. Integrity is essential to all TradeLand activities and should not subordinate to the results under any circumstances. TradeLand will not accept any fraud, theft, waste or loss by recklessness.

Concerning gifts and personal benefits the following applies:
Giving business gifts of modest size, where appropriate should openly and beforehand be consulted and decided with the TradeLand management. Receiving gifts or other personal benefits from clients or other external parties is allowed, only if no consideration of anyone of TradeLand is required by the giver. This should also be reported to the TradeLand management and should not exceed 150 Euro.

Commercial agreements should always be consistent with the locally prevailing ethical principles, rules and regulations.

TradeLand chooses to maintain reliable (business) relations, which means a solid financial position, sound business practices, management with integrity, and the handling of such conduct by the business partners, who are not in conflict with those of TradeLand. TradeLand considers it appropriate to investigate antecedents of each new potential partner. TradeLand uses (business) relationships because of their qualifications (including their reputation and reliability) and capacities.

We consider these core values crucial in conducting our business activity. In accordance with its mission, TradeLand wants to be recognised as a reliable and leading business partner by customers, society, employees and shareholders.


TradeLand is a unique and innovative channel that allows participation in a trading platform through rental. Within this trading platform experts share their knowledge and experience with each other. TradeLand then makes it available for (potential) fellow interested parties in the form of automated trading software, both private individuals as businesses.

This way TradeLand contributes to the opportunity to help realise possible gains for participants, always respecting our five core values.

TradeLand chooses a methodical approach - which is project-based, individualised and results oriented. Thus customers strengthen their decision-making, insight and understanding.

We believe that constantly striving for professionalism, and the interpretation of the needs and requirements of the participants, is the basis of the growth and development of TradeLand.

Affiliates need to be driven by integrity, quality, respect and energy and therefore offer the best guarantee for a successful realisation of our mission.

We are confident that our methodical approach and forward-looking vision offers a competitive advantage.

The respect that TradeLand has for man and society shows in taking full responsibility for the impact of its service to the customer, his situation and wider environment.

We want TradeLands future to be guaranteed by honesty and good reputation.

That TradeLand is recognised as an expert in its field of business because of its innovative and high-quality services.

Anyone who wants to introduce TradeLand products to new clients acts in accordance with the mission and values.


TradeLand adheres to the laws and regulations of Belgium.


All transactions are transmitted, reported by and shown on the statements of the broker and the platform to which the software is linked.


TradeLand is responsible for communicating and monitoring in compliance with this Code. An affiliate or any other participant in TradeLand that commits an actual or suspected violation of this Code, will be affected by the following consequences:

  • Temporary Suspension.
  • Suspension accompanied by confiscation of additional benefits that are attributed to the current status of the offender.
  • In case of serious infringements, greater consequences will apply, such as the full suspension of the offender in question.


The contents of this page may change over time. We reserve the right to change, alter and update the content as necessary.

Last amendments made to this Code of Conduct on May 4th, 2017.